Skill Expo 2023 Drives Thai Workforce into the Digital Era

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Dr. Jakkanit Khannanurak, Director of the Digital Workforce Development Division at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), unveils Skill Expo 2023 to drive the digital economy and society forward.

DEPA collaborates with global partners such as Microsoft and Google to develop digital skills within Thailand. They are combining resources and working together to create localized courses and projects with the main goal of preparing the workforce for the digital era and fostering high-quality talent within the country.

Mr. Suthep Chityongwong, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Labor, reveals Skill Expo 2023, a significant project by the Ministry of Labor aimed at transforming workforce development into a new era.

Skill Expo 2023 takes place in nine provinces nationwide, serving as a platform for knowledge and innovation exchange, including future technologies. The primary objective is to provide opportunities for businesses, enterprises, and labor forces to enhance their capabilities in utilizing innovation and technology, thereby developing the Thai workforce and elevating the standard of Thai products and services to meet the demands of the digital labor market.

This event is held in collaboration with Triangle Soft Company Limited, featuring over 20 booths showcasing products such as Humano and DAccount. The aim is to instill a sense of readiness among businesses and SMEs, preparing them for the digital transformation.

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