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It is undeniable that in the present era, there are many people interested in starting their own businesses. One popular business investment option is Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which refers to businesses of moderate or medium size according to the capacity of the entrepreneurs. This allows them to avoid significant capital investments and have owners who can closely manage the business. It is not surprising that many people in the new generation prefer to engage in SMEs because it provides peace of mind and avoids the pressures associated with dealing with numerous individuals.

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Business Assessment for Small SMEs

Economic development, job creation, and the importance of access to credit for the growth of SMEs are undeniable. The second part will focus on the case of Thailand, where we cannot deny the significance of SMEs to the Thai economy.

End to End Process Improvement for Small

Managing business processes to achieve optimal operational performance is of paramount importance. The current business environment is characterized by increasingly complex and interconnected supply chains, involving various departments, as well as external stakeholders such as third-party partners and suppliers.

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Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business, expand branches.


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