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The company gives priority to service as the main from regular surveys It was found that customers still use our software and services up to 95%, most of them rated satisfaction. Our products and services more than 7 out of 10 and some of them still give a very high satisfaction rating. From the survey, it was found that customers who stopped using Usually caused by the fact that we have customer information. Not enough from the sales process In addition, our software has expanded in variety of industries. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of our services and for the benefit of our customers. to get that answer “Can it be used or not?” since before make a decision to purchase our products and services Therefore, please answer basic questions about your business so that the company used to study the possibility of using our products and services used to manage your organization

1. Do you know the company? Where is Triangle Soft Co., Ltd. from?

2. Organization structure

Analysis of reports in English

3. Type of business. If there are many types Please enter the numbers in order of primary business.

4. Do you currently have accounting/ERP software used in the core operations of the organization?

Is there a Computer Administrator/MIS Staff?

More than one site is synced.


How much is the estimated budget for procurement of software to be used within the organization?

7. Details of the business that is the main work (core process) of the organization

8. Number of employees required to use the program


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