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DAccount It is a ready-made accounting system suitable for small-sized businesses. Customers can have confidence in the development team of the Digital Software Group, which has over 20 years of experience, and their assurance is doubled. With a quality service policy and a complete guarantee of functionality, it is well-suited for small business owners.

DAccount consists of 3 main systems.

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Procure-to-pay (P2P)

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) is a business process that an organization undertakes for the procurement of goods or services and the subsequent payment to the vendor. This process includes defining requirements, orders, generating purchase orders, receiving goods, and making payments, all within a structured and reliable system. It is a critical process in businesses that bridges the gap between procurement and the organization's finances. The use of P2P helps streamline and enhance the efficiency of internal operations within the organization effectively.

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Order to cash (O2C)

Order-to-Cash (O2C) is a business process that encompasses everything from receiving orders for products or services to collecting payments from an organization's customers. This process includes various steps related to conducting business, such as order placement, order confirmation, product or service delivery, invoice generation, billing, payment verification, payment recording, and financial data updates to align with all business transactions. O2C operations are a critical part of an organization's efficiency, helping reduce the time it takes to conduct business, improve readiness for product or service delivery, and enhance the efficiency of collecting payments from customers. This contributes to the overall success of the organization's business operations.

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Financial general ledger & Asset (FIN-GL)

Financial General Ledger & Asset (FIN-GL) is the financial accounting system within an organization. Its essential functions include recording and storing financial and accounting data, categorizing assets based on their characteristics, and calculating accounting depreciation to generate accurate and reliable financial reports. FIN-GL plays a crucial role in enabling management to analyze the financial status of the organization and make efficient and confident business decisions. Additionally, it can record account statements for reconciliation purposes and generate tax reports for submission.

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Features of the DAccount accounting software system

  • Comprehensive financial management and tax administration system to meet all business requirements, suitable for trading, service, and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

  •  Complete with 3 main packages, including:
    1.Procure-to-pay (P2P) : Control the purchase and payment processes with essential reports for analysis.
    2.Order to cash (O2C) : Control the sales and payment receiving processes with necessary reports for analysis.
    3. Financial general ledger & Asset (FIN-GL) : Record daily accounting data by category, record assets, audit reports, and tax reports.

Features of DAccount Accounting System

  • Works anywhere, anytime through the Cloud system. Enhanced security with automatic data backup.

  • Get started with the system easily using the main data import tool, including products, services, raw materials, customers, suppliers, assets, and various documents.

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  • DAccount supports up to 5 languages, which are Thai, English, Japanese, Burmese, and Lao, and is also capable of accommodating various currencies to align with different transactions.

  • Document keying is flexible and easy to understand, making it possible to streamline time-consuming tasks.

  • Automatically linking accounts from P2P purchases and O2C sales and integrating them into the FIN-GL accounting system reduces the complexity of financial management and makes accounting a breeze, all without the need for manual work.

  •  DAccount provides useful reports that allow you to efficiently analyze and use them, including customer/vendor card reports, purchase/sales tax reports, profit and loss summary reports, sales and purchase summary reports, cash flow reports, categorized accounts reports, outstanding customer/vendor reports, trial balance reports, financial position reports, and tax reports (PND 1,2,3,53,54). It also offers seamless integration with E-Tax and various interface options.

  • At DAccount, we are always ready to evolve with new technologies to enhance efficiency and move towards success with our users. Join us as a part of our success story with our Mini ERP software.

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