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An expert teamwork in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Human Resource Management & Organization Development Software, along with substantial hands-on experience in providing consultation for Local ERP Package & OD solutions, in partnership with Crystalsoftwaregroup, a trailblazing company in ERP system development and turnkey accounting solutions widely utilized throughout Thailand.


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Triangle Software Co., Ltd., founded over 20 years ago, is dedicated to delivering project success in information system development with quality services to SMEs in Thailand. Since its inception, we have earned the trust of the management team of the Digital Software Group (Public Company Limited).

As a leading developer of accounting and ERP systems in Thailand, and the owner of well-known products such as FORMA and FORMULA ERP, we have continuously developed for over 25 years. We have provided trusted software solutions, including the DACCOUNT ready-made accounting system and Wealth ERP, to companies of various sizes in Thailand.

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The program supports human resource and organizational development.

It covers both human resource (Human Resource Management : HRM) And human resource development (Human Resource Development : HRD)

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DAccount It is a ready-made accounting system suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Customers can have confidence in the development team of the Digital Software Group, which has over 20 years of experience, and their assurance is doubled.

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Software that integrates various systems within an organization.

"Both the accounting and finance back-office systems, the human resources system, the production system, as well as the distribution system."

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High performance financial management system

It is a fully linked accounting system. Reduce work redundancy

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Clear policies and directions from top-level management.

Being prepared to effectively manage subordinates is crucial in enabling an organization to promptly respond to various changes. Middle-level managers play a vital role in driving the organization forward, particularly in the highly competitive business environment of today.

Development and enhancement of digital software in ERP management.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software system that helps organizations manage their core business processes automatically for maximum efficiency. ERP software integrates data flow between various business processes within a company, providing a single source of truth and enhancing operational efficiency throughout the organization.

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Human Resources Management and Organizational Development (HROD)

The process of development that aims to enhance the knowledge and abilities of personnel in an organization, enabling them to perform their job tasks with greater proficiency. Additionally, employee development initiatives foster the growth of skills and capabilities within the organization.

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